Lay Low’s ‘Farewell Good Night’s Sleep’ to finally make U.S. debut

Lay Low

The Icelandic treasure that is Lay Low (singer/songwriter Lovisa Elisabet Sigrunardottir) will be releasing her 2008 album, Farewell Good Night’s Sleep in the States March 9, 2010. “Why has it taken so long”, you ask? With all my awesomely extensive music knowledge up at the plate, I can answer with a big, hearty, “I don’t know.” Sometimes it’s better not to ask questions and just appreciate. The 27-year-old Sigrunardottir (does anyone mind if I abbreviate from now on?) has a wistful charm in her child-like tone and who can help but give an “awwwww” when that sound escapes from her petite figure? Enjoy “By and By” below, and pick up the album when it comes out on Sig’s own label, Loo Records. [Image by Jóhanna Lind]

Lay Low – “By and By” [MP3]

Farewell Good Night’s Sleep track listing:

“I Forget It’s There”
“By and By”
“The Reason Why My Heart’s in Misery”
“Last Time Around”
“On My Own”
“Farewell Good Night’s Sleep”
“Why do I Worry?”
“Days Have Been”
“Little by Little”
“My Second Hand Heart”
“The Country Ballad”

Lay Low on MySpace

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