[MP3] Lymbyc Systym: “Bedroom Anthem”


Recently brought to my attention by the one and only Abby (from Abby’s Road fame – duh), Lymbyc Systym, otherwise known as brothers Jared and Michael Bell, have become a fast-rising act. Their newest full-length, Shutter Release, dropped November 3 and has been earning critical acclaim for its forceful and dreamy instrumental nature. The Bells are able to create a teeming sound through their experimentation – and it doesn’t hurt that Shutter Release features contributions from members of This Will Destroy You, Balmorhea and Slow Six.

“Bedroom Anthem” was just released as a free download from the band, and it appropriately complements “Ghost Clock”, their faster-paced previous song for free download. “Bedroom Anthem” paces itself ever so peacefully until it explodes at the 1:48 mark with a blast of horns and hearty percussion, which leads into a warm, fulfilling conclusion.

Lymbyc Systym: “Bedroom Anthem” [MP3]

Bonus: Lymbyc Systym: “Ghost Clock” [MP3]

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[Photo by Amanda Longtain]

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  • *finally*
    note – though i wanted to just say *finally*, i was told by the blogosphere that my comment was too short so i had to write a little extra. dizzied from 12 hours of amtrak today, i want to reinforce the acclaim for lymbyc systym lee mentioned. anyone traveling the big blue marble this holiday season: my most recent (today) looking-out-the-train-window- picture-show soundtrack blue ribbons go to mogwai’s happy songs for happy people and lymbyc systym’s carved by glaciers. the flooded western pa countryside has never looked so blissfully happysad.