Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 11.15.09

wmuc radio

Today Lee and I learned a lot about ourselves during the radio show, like how Lee’s related to the late singer of Morphine, and how I’m just awesome in general. Even though we all knew that already. But anyway, this week will mark the one year birthday of Knox Road, so we made sure to put on a crazy, sexy party during the show. Or did we? I don’t know, man, I guess you’ll just have to listen and find out.

Knox Road Radio 11.15.09 [MP3] (Available until next Sunday’s show)

01| WHY? – “Gemini (Birthday Song)”
02| Animal Collective – “In the Flowers”
03| The Flaming Lips – “Watching the Planets”
04| The Most Serene Republic – “Heavens to Purgatory”
05| Themselves – “You Ain’t It”
06| Crowd Lu (盧廣仲) – “Oh Yeah!!!”
07| Jadiid – “Something to Follow”
08| Loch Lomond – “Wax and Wire”
09| Beth Bombara and the Robotic Foundation – “Lights”
10| Pants Yell! – “Cold Hands”
11| Tape Deck Mountain – “Bat Lies”
12| Real Estate – “Suburban Beverage”
13| Lelia Broussard – “Scared to Feel”
14| Memory Tapes – “Graphics (Edit)”
15| Atlas Sound – “Doctor (Five Discs Cover)”
16| Squirrelhouse – “Apocalypso”
17| [Lee’s Pick] Stars – “Elevator Love Letter”
18| [Jon’s Pick] Morphine – “The Night”
19| [Jamie’s Pick] Ladytron – “Seventeen”

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