Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond

Wake up, ceiling stare, hurriedly dress and walk with the wind to work. Hear something. Stop. Gate off to the right. Press your ear to the door. Echoes, bouncing sounds. Eyes to the hole. Kids running around, innocence abound. Flowers in full bloom. Weeping trees. Afraid someone will see you watching. Realize you’re late to work. Stop, breathe, ready yourself for the day. Think about joining the crowd of kids and what could have been. Wait. Gate opens. Little redhead asks if you want to play their game. You’re hesitant, say no thanks, I’m all grown up. She asks why. You say I don’t know. She cracks a smile and twirls around. You grown ups never have any answers. Runs back inside. You drop your bag and follow.

Loch Lomond – “Field Report” [MP3]

My penchant for folk pop collectives and their imaginative sounds was exponentially boosted upon hearing Loch Lomond, a seven person act from Portland. Anytime a band member has “sounds” listed as one of their instruments, I know I’m in for a goody. Though, I’m slightly kicking myself (actually that comes off kind of weird- slightly kicking myself? Putting my foot to my body in a brush-like manner?) for not having heard them earlier, especially considering the fact they’re working with KR friend Matthew on the Edinburgh, Scotland based Song, by Toad Records. Loch Lomond is re-releasing a Split 12” with another Portland group, The Builders & the Butchers, in The UK, and also released their own EP, Night Bats, November 10 (that one’s on Hush Records.)

Loch Lomond – “Wax and Wire” [MP3]

Combining just about everything I love, including heavy strings, slow-building percussion, and male/female harmonies, among other things, Loch Lomond captures my attention from the get-go. Each song is expertly crafted and coherently mastered; Loch Lomond is not some shaggy crew. The music is a fine delicacy, really – it’s a privilege to be allowed in to their world. Follow along, join in, and don’t look back.

Purchase Loch Lomond and The Builders & the Butchers Split 12″

->Important note: For those of you who don’t have a record player, Song, by Toad Records will be slipping a CD-R of all the songs in with each purchase.

[photo by Tom Oliver]

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