[MP3] Golden Shoulders: “Mountain”


This is totally going to be a quote-the-press release type of post, so, well, here you go:

Golden Shoulders is a collective of talented musicians from Nevada City, California, lead by songwriter Adam Kline. Formed in 2001, the group operates with a constantly rotating lineup with the contributors varying from performance to performance, song to song. On the band’s recent full length called Get Reasonable, the music embraces the crescendoing pop opuses of the 70s, toes tapping and heads bobbing by the end of the first track.

And that last part is a pretty solid description of “Mountain” from the band’s third album, Get Reasonable, which was released earlier this year. I will say that the song has a neat sense of movement — it doesn’t seem content staying still, so it wanders among a few different ideas. The most successful portion is the mid-song vocal harmonies, but the track as a whole is still definitely worth a listen.

Oh, and Golden Shoulders? More like golden showers, am I right? No? Okay.

Golden Shoulders – “Mountain” [MP3]

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