Stop. Breathe.


As we inundate you with new material, album reviews, concert information and the like, we rarely ever get the chance to show you what’s been hot on our playlists lately. You hear a track during the picks of the week for our radio show but that doesn’t exactly suffice, in my opinion. So I’ll try to come up with more playlists, throughout our usual posting, of music I am liking, have liked, and am just plain listening to. Besides, everyone loves a good (yep, I can’t go wrong) mix. [image via]

Florence + The Machine – “Cosmic Love” [MP3] (probably my favorite song of the moment | from Lungs)

Pela – “The Trouble With River Cities” [MP3] (from Anytown Graffiti – really gonna miss these guys)

Moonbabies – “War On Sound” [MP3] (from Moonbabies at the Ballroom)

The Weakerthans – “Night Windows” [MP3] (from Reunion Tour)

Pinback – “Penelope” [MP3] (from Blue Screen Life)

Bird – “Sweetheart” [MP3] (from Girl And A Cello)

Sunny Day Real Estate – “How It Feels To Be Something On” [MP3] (from How It Feels To Be Something On)

Other Lives – “Black Tables” [MP3] (from Other Lives)

:papercutz – “A Secret Search” [MP3] (from Lylac)

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