The Raveonettes make adorable video for “Last Dance”

A lot of the material we’ve heard from the new Raveonettes album, In And Out Of Control, is pretty bleak. It’s all about sadness and rape (??) and stuff, all in the style of old 50s pop tunes revamped for the 21st century. So does the video for their new song, “Last Dance,” match that energy of despair? Does it evoke a sense of longing and helplessness??

No. No it does not. Instead it features a cute couple riding a motorcycle, eating ice cream, feeding seagulls and surfing killer waves. Radical! It all concludes with an epic couples’ activity ten times as fun as all the others COMBINED (with special guests!). But I’m no spoiler factory here. You’ll just have to watch. In And Out Of Control is out October 6 on Vice.

The Raveonettes – “Last Dance” [MP3]

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