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On Portland trio Otis Heat’s debut album, Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Uh Huh, they have two very distinct sides. On one hand they play the lazy, downtrodden, blues-influenced alternative folk rock that is just tremendous. Very impressive. The rest of the time, they play funky jam-bandy material that just seems, well, lesser. It’s not necessarily bad! But when I listen to those songs I find myself wanting the band to go back to what they do best.

The band classifies their music as “funk folk” and I can see where they’re going with that. It’s very rhythm-centric and definitely features folkier elements. But they completely ignore the low-energy alternative influence and classic southern blues elements that sneak in and mold the sound. It’s like they made this wonderful stew and called it Campbell’s chicken noodle. If they can keep plugging away in the Portland scene, good things can happen for Otis Heat. I would love good things to happen for Otis Heat. Let’s all support Otis Heat. Otis Heat.

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Uh Huh is available now on CD Baby.

Otis Heat – “Stories” [MP3]

Otis Heat – “Eyes To The Floor” [MP3]

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