Indian Wars evoke purest of pure garage rock

indian wars

The “garage rock” phenom has been played up and down and all around over the last decade. Remember when the White Stripes were considered “garage?” Ever listen to Little Steven’s Underground Garage? But at the heart of the scene is just fun-loving people making dirty, fuzzy, fun-loving music. It’s garage rock without the quotation marks, a sound that doesn’t give a shit about being labeled, mostly because the bands don’t even know how to label themselves.

Representing this sound and ideal is Vancouver, B.C.’s Indian Wars. I’ve never seen one of their live shows, but if the picture above is a snapshot of one, I’m sure they’re epic. Something about their music simultaneously reminds me of Halloween and blown-out amps (??). The band is only a year old, so they could hop genres at the blink of an eye and throw all I’ve said to waste. According to an interview earlier this month, they will be recording some new country-influenced material (whatever that means). As long as they stay true to their fun, gritty nature, I’m happy. Please, guys?

Indian Wars – “If You Want Me” [MP3]

Indian Wars – “Pick You Up” [MP3]

Indian Wars on Myspace

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