[MP3] Piroth: Fog Dancers


Swedish indie folk. Need I say more? …Yeah, I probably do.

Piroth is, appropriately, the sisters Piroth (Nina and Johanna.) They get small help from others on some tracks, but Nina and Johanna keep the Piroth legacy intact. And why not? I’ve never heard disassembled harmonies quite like these, which somehow maintain the ability to hold a beautifully grounded sound. The Piroth sisters play off each other quite a bit and no where is that more apparent than on the first single, “Fog Dancers,” from their forthcoming album, Safe Haven. Haunting, hair-raising vocals to go with a pressing, continuous, acoustic rhythm. Soft percussion is included as well, as just enough extra noise is present to subtly complement the conspicuous vocal harmonies. “Fog Dancers” actually reminds me very much of the Exit Clov sisters’ sound, if that provides any more incentive to check it out.

I also took a listen to Piroth’s other material and it’s just as brilliant in that lo-fi way – they are definitely ones to keep an eye on. Safe Haven will be released soon (no set date has been provided) – and I suspect you’ll want to get your hands on it asap. So stay tuned, and continue to visit their MySpace for details.

Piroth – “Fog Dancers” [MP3]

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