Regina Spektor to pull a Duncan Sheik, write music for new musical “Beauty”

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I guess pop musicians these days are bored of their own voices – it’s just too easy for them. Why not give the grand theater ring a shot? Regina Spektor is the latest artist to agree to write the music for a broadway musical, titled Beauty, set to be released in the 2011-2012 Broadway season. From Playbill:

Beauty is billed as “an expansion of [playwright-director Tina Landau’s] 2002 acclaimed one-act play produced by the La Jolla Playhouse; Beauty uses the 1812 Grimm fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’ as a jumping off point for a contemporary and hauntingly provocative story of beauty lost and beauty found.”

So, this is certainly intriguing. Knowing Spektor’s quirky past, should we expect the actors to pull off similarly weird stuff on-stage with the music? I’m waiting for that point in Beauty when the lead is ready to break out into a typical musical theater-y belt, only to realize the song involves talking and dissonance and jolted melodies. I have my doubts about whether or not they’ll be able to handle Spektor’s songwriting, but hey, everyone in the theater is talented, they’ll figure out something, right? Right?? She’s not THAT weird…

Regina Spektor – “Ode to Divorce” [MP3]

3 comments to Regina Spektor to pull a Duncan Sheik, write music for new musical “Beauty”

  • ashley

    LOL. this is really funny. like, i’m cracking up. imagine “chemo limo” on broadway.

  • dave

    I just got back from her show 15 minutes ago and I was blown away. She’s quite the talented woman.

    Maybe she could incorporate some drumming on a wooden chair and dolphin noises into the musical’s song numbers.

  • Neil Cake

    Let’s face it; musical theatre is pretty frickin’ weird anyway. Obviously it’s Regina’s musical sense of the theatrical that’s got her this opportunity in the first place.