Epcot Starfields finds Windmill at its finest

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Windmill’s latest effort, Epcot Starfields, is not unlike previous Windmill material. The nasally vocals, the dreamy, keys-laden background, the fragile emotions, it’s all there. But Matthew Thomas Dillon, with his backing four-piece, builds upon what we’re used to with a more mature, polished sound, yet just as impassioned. If you like Windmill, you’ll adore Epcot Starfields. And I like Windmill. A lot. So keep that in mind.

Epcot Starfields is the definition of a complete album, with each track working to create a collective, fantastical whole. If you don’t mind hearing about space and the universe the whole time, you’ll be set. I’m only half-joking though, because there’s obviously a deeper meaning that shines through, as Dillon knows how to pen some of the most thought-provoking lyrics out there. The record starts off slowly (musically), with a mesmerizing first song in “Airsuit,” as Dillon’s shaky voice and piano give us a nice intro into the world of Epcot Starfields. That preparation is quickly shed however with the quick-hitting and immediately captivating “Big Boom.” From the first two songs listeners can already get a feel for the shape and dynamic of the album.

As Epcot hits “Ellen Save Our Energy,” “Epcot Slow,” and “Epcotman,” we’re primed to fully embrace the abstract. If Windmill hadn’t already captured the weary hearts of emo-childs everywhere, the bells, strings, and lush, orchestral arrangements on Epcot Starfields will surely invite many a wistful soul.

Windmill – “Epcot Slow” [MP3]

Windmill – “Ellen Save Our Energy” [MP3]

Windmill – “Big Boom” [MP3]

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