Manson Family Picnic

Manson Family Picnic

Opening note: Today you’re getting two big (in members) bands from me. What can I say? Go big or go home.

Manson Family Picnic is a five-piece from Brooklyn, NY with all sorts of wooden instruments and a knack for creating tight freak-folk tunes. Strings in odd places, background voices for no apparent reason, dissonant male/female harmonies, and bells just for the hell of it (don’t take that the wrong way – I’m partial to bells, you know of my Anathallo obsession of course) somehow make Manson Family Picnic worth listening to.

For you NYC concert-goers, Manson Family Picnic are playing the cross-pol series with Warbles on September 29th at Pianos (LES). Their shows have been well-received in the past, so I’d say it’s worth your while to give ’em a try – I’m especially intrigued to hear how the bells and harmonies play out in a live setting. Plus, come on, all the hipsters hang out by Pianos anyway. If you didn’t know that, you’re either a) unhip b) too hip, in Brooklyn of course c) there is no c, but I wanted three.

Oh, and through some big-time (read: very, very little) research, I discovered that good ol’ chap Matthew wrote about them. So yeah, now you’re forced to listen.

Manson Family Picnic – “Kentucky Waltz” [MP3]

Manson Family Picnic on MySpace

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