[MP3] Rain Machine: “Smiling Black Faces”

rain machine

TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone gives us another look at his solo project, Rain Machine, with “Smiling Black Faces.” The song is a long, folky ballad of sorts that features Malone’s emotional, crying voice through mutters and complaints singing mostly inaudible lyrics. So maybe it’s his 21st century Dylan song!

But what’s most interesting is how different the song is from Malone’s first leaked track, “Give Blood.” While “Smiling Black Faces” plays with emotional pauses and a slow rhythm , “Give Blood” is an almost tribally fast-paced romp that is almost claustrophobically full of sound. Does this difference imply an exciting Rain Machine album that juxtaposes several types of songs in one incredible collection? Yes, I think it does.

Rain Machine – “Smiling Black Faces” [MP3]

Rain Machine – “Give Blood” [MP3]

[via Stereogum]

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