Indiecater Volume IV released! Woo hoo!

Front Cover - Indiecater Volume IV

19 bands, 19 songs. Indiecater Records have released their fifth mixtape (despite the IV, it’s the fifth…) and we couldn’t be happier here at Knox Road. Their musical tastes are much in line with our own, as they feature fun indie rock of the “jangle pop variety” with “dashes of electronica and experimentation throughout.” You may have heard a couple (i.e. “Lalita” by The Love Language) of these tracks before, though there are also plenty of underground gems on this mix, including one from Knox Road favorite, Marching Band.

Don’t forget, these are the same kind folks who offered up the wonderfully charming pop of Candy Claws, which Jamie previously discussed. Stream the whole compilation here, and if you enjoy, there’s a good ol’ purchase link on their right sidebar. So, do that too. Check out one of the tracks, a pleasantly atmospheric ditty from Sweet Jane, for free download below.

Sweet Jane – “Blackboots and Blackhearts” [MP3]

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Side A
1. Sofia Talvik – “My James Dean”
2. Subplots – “Politis”
3. Marching Band – “Aggravate”
4. Office – “Dominoes”
5. Languis – “Times Are Changing”
6. Mitchell Museum – “Warning Bells”
7. The Love Language – “Lalita”
8. FM Belfast – “Underwear”
9. The Second Hand Marching Band – “A Dance To Half Death”

Side B
10. Princeton – “Ms. Bentwich”
11. The Uglysuit – “Chicago”
12. Roofwalkers – “Tear Down The Tents”
13. Warpaint – “Bille Holiday”
14. Black Nielson – “Love Song To Chan Marshall”
15. Sweet Jane – “Blackboots & Blackhearts”
16. Zinedines – “Twice Upon A Time”
17. Delorentos – “Solitude”
18. Honeyheads – “Out Of Marseille”
19. Shout Out Out Out Out – “Guilt Trips Sink Ships”

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