The Antlers release video for “Two.” Where are his eyes?

Your guess is as good as mine. The Antlers have put out an animated video for their awesome song “Two,” off of their album Hospice, which was re-released yesterday. Check it out below.

And seriously, where the hell are his eyes? It sort of reminds me of a dream I had. I was in the Chocolate Kingdom with my Sour Patch Kids, and we were preparing for the invasion of the Caramel Monkeys by fortifying the kingdom with a lot of Nerds Rope. There was a rustle in the trees and suddenly the Caramel Monkeys were banging at our gates, howling and scratching and stomping their feet. And then there was a huge clap of thunder…

Wait. What was I talking about again? I don’t remember. Oh well. Anyway, here’s the video.

The Antlers – “Two” [MP3]

The Antlers – “Wake” [MP3]

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