It’s a duck fashion parade kind of day

I know exactly what you’ve always wanted. Here it is. The best thing ever:

Oh, oops! My bad again, you guys. I meant the worst thing ever. Look “Dubbo Show,” animals do not belong in costumes. They don’t like them. They never will. Just like your dog hates being […]

[MP3] WHY?/Themselves: “Canada”

Unique hip-hop/indie acts WHY? and Themselves have teamed up to throw down a nice, soft little track about relationships or something (“You show your pinkest parts in my absence”). Yikes! Well, who ever said music has to be optimistic! It’s an interesting downscaled tune from the two that does well with loops and […]

Knox Road radio!

It’s official, Knox Road has a radio show! We will be broadcasting live on University of Maryland’s own WMUC online radio stream every Sunday from noon to 2 p.m (Eastern Time). You can tune in at the WMUC website (click on WMUC2) and hear the latest music of the week and check out what […]

Notable Album Release: Owen – New Leaves

Ever since I turned my ears onto the indie music scene, Mike Kinsella, most notably of Owen and American Football fame, has truly been one of my favorite artists. A recent post by good guy Ack over at Herohill about Owen finally heading to his Halifax, Candian home reminded me to turn over […]

Dirty Projectors announce North American tour

After gaining a tremendous amount of hype around their recent LP, Bitte Orca, Dirty Projectors have announced a North American tour! It’s set for this fall and kicks off in our neck of the woods (Baltimore)! The group has been stunning the world of music with their latest material, so this tour has […]

[MP3] The Alexandria Kleztet: “Cantina Band”

alexandria kleztet

Normally I wouldn’t give much mind to a CD in my mailbox from a Klezmer band. I appreciate the thought, guys! That’s just not really what we do here. But I thought I would give the D.C.-area Alexandria Kleztet a chance. And it’s a good thing I did! In between their traditional Jewish Klezmer songs was a song called “Cantina Band,” and yes it’s that same “Cantina Band” from 1977’s Star Wars.

Now, I’m no huge fan of the series. I appreciate them, they’re good, but even a non-fanboy like myself found great amusement and appreciation in this little band’s cover of an adorable classic. The band’s album, Peace, Love and Coffee is out now and available on Amazon.

The Alexandria Kleztet – “Cantina Band” [MP3]

The Alexandria Kleztet on Myspace

The original Cantina Scene from Star Wars after the jump.

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In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

You were WAY too busy rewatching old episodes of Reading Rainbow to read Knox Road this week. I know, it’s over for good. Yes, it was a great show for children. But I emphasize for children. Let’s do some grown-up things, ok? Like maybe buy groceries, or do laundry, but especially get up-to-date […]

Phenomenal video Saturday: Radiohead, ondes Martenot edition

I’ve been waiting, like, days to post this video, because it’s phenomenal, you see, and I have to reserve such phenomenal videos for Saturday. I guess. First iteration of PVS is right here.

This week we have a performance of Radiohead‘s “How to Disappear Completely,” a favorite of mine, performed live by Thom Yorke, […]

The Library is oh so nice

First off: how can you beat free music? The answer is you can’t beat free music, at all, ever, under any circumstances. And, hey, what’s that? Brooklyn’s The Library is giving away its album, The Life and Times of Rosa Lee, for free? Sign me up!

Free music is not always quality music, […]

New Exit Clov/Jukebox the Ghost side project, Drunken Sufis, to hold album release show August 30 in NYC

Well, this was totally unexpected. Two D.C. bands with close ties to Knox Road, Exit Clov and Jukebox the Ghost, have teamed up with various members of each to form a side-project, Drunken Sufis. Drunken Sufis display a political conspiracy-themed punk music so entirely different than the melodic pop rock of both Exit […]