The O’Darling prepare to release first full-length


Remember when I gushed over those wonderful Canadians, The O’Darling, way back when and mentioned that they were in the process of recording a full-length album for spring/summer time? Well that time is finally coming to an end, as The O’Darling have mastered the tracks and are just about ready to drop the new album. I’ve given it my earnest ear and can say in confidence that they have somehow managed to out-perform their much-praised EP,  A Nice EP, with a set of absolutely crushing tunes.

In case you forgot what I wrote about them the first time and are too lazy to click that link above (lame-o) here’s an excerpt:

I can’t really place The O’Darling into any musical category for you – they are nothing and they are everything at the same time. They have no specific genre, yet they appeal to many. Indie, Pop, Jazz, Folk, Classical, you name it and The O’Darling accomplishes it (not screamo though, sorry guys…).

For the new album, the breathtaking vocals are again on high display (and the men sing a bit too), but this time, the instrumentation hits its peak and receives the full attention it deserves from the production. Get a taste of the hopping first single, “Embroideries”, below. It starts out as a fun, airy ditty, with bells, trumpet, strings, keys, etc., and picks up the pace with a warm, fulfilling ending.

The O’Darling – “Embroideries” [MP3]

The O’Darling on MySpace

[Photo courtesy of Caitlin Southard OCAD – Photography]

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