Shadows on a River earn comparisons to Radiohead and Elliott Smith

Shadows on a River

Shadows on a River’s debut album, Shadows on a River, has been compared to Radiohead and Elliott Smith. While I think there is some truth to these comparisons, especially on a couple songs in particular (most notably, “In Business,” which sounds like an actual mix between the two), Shadows on a River have their own brand of unique music. (And to be honest, the vocals remind me more of Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – ha)

Meshing experimental psychedelica (complete with bells, keys, tamborines, etc) with low-key choruses and warm vocals, Shadows on a River stir the body’s insides to ease. Comfort, gratification, pleasure – such adjectives come to mind.  While I’m not really one to blow steam all that often, I expect this Chicago based band to make it to the top of the indie world in no time with more efforts like their self-titled gem. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t listen.

Shadows on a River – “In The Water” [MP3]

Shadows on a River – “In Business” [MP3]

Shadows on a River – “Dollar Dance” [MP3]

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