Some br(easy) listening for a Saturday: Mary Stewart


Yes, breezy is spelled wrong purposely. It’s supposed to be clever. I realize it’s probably not. :(

Regardless, I proclaim today Mary Stewart day. From Nova Scotia, she fits the subdued mood quite well, as I can sit back, close my eyes and relax, watching birds swoon out the window while listening to her charming music. (Note: I live in NYC, there are no birds outside my window; Just buildings. But Stewart makes me imagine such a sight.) She has such a sweet voice, which, combined with guitar, keys, and the occasional strings (plus fitting percussion), numbs the body and mind into a pleasant daze. Stewart brings us folk-driven pop in its purest form.

Catch a few songs from her self-titled, debut record, which dropped May 1. Oh and by the way, she’s shared the stage with such wonderful acts as Jill Barber, Wintersleep, and several others. She’s one to keep on eye on.

Mary Stewart – “Beyond Me” [MP3]

Mary Stewart – “Out Of My Mind” [MP3]

Mary Stewart – “A Mess” [MP3]

Mary Stewart on MySpace

Purchase Mary Stewart

3 comments to Some br(easy) listening for a Saturday: Mary Stewart

  • Mary Stewart is to Music as Bacon is to MMM. People say that over consumption is bad for your heart, but really, who can deny Bacon?

  • Lee! We will make you an honourary Canadian soon….with open arms.


    Lee Reply:

    Thanks, S

    Maybe after that Ivana interview NYC will make you an honorary… nevermind, its New York City. We aren’t nice. 😉