Opposites attract: What’s Up and Lullatone


We recently received a couple nice mp3s from one of our trustworthy sources, but didn’t really expect to feature the songs because of the backlog of other material we have at hand. Well… I changed my mind – I’m posting them.

When I listened to one right after the other, I thought about something bizarre yet comforting for “music” in general. See, if I was writing a post about each separate song I would label one as a hard rocking piece and the other as a serene lullabye. But when I think about expanding my description into the arranged sound, I realize they’re both instrumental electronica that build upon themselves and have a clear goal in mind – that of quickly capturing us and enrapturing us in their world. They pick similar parts in the structure to give us a bit of a change-up (that being about 3/4 in) and both end abruptly, in a “come join us on our journey” way. Really, all we have to do is change a word here and there and poof! – somehow we’re dealing with two entirely different sounding songs. Does this make any sense? I guess you can just hear for yourself. [Image art courtesy of Richard J. Blum]

What’s Up – “Harper” [MP3]

Lullatone – “A Mobile Over Your Bed” [MP3]

What’s Up on MySpace

Lullatone on MySpace

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