Holy yes, a new WHY? album in the fall


It looks like WHY? frontman Yoni Wolf has just done a very informative interview with Pitchfork regarding his band’s newest album. Of the many things to learn:

  • The new record will be called Eskimo Snow, and will be released in the Fall.
  • The record was recorded at the same time as 2007’s Alopecia, but has undergone additional mixing and such since then.
  • The record is going to be much less rap-based as compared to previous releases. As Wolf says:

“…This record, Eskimo Snow, is really the least hip-hop out of anything I’ve ever been involved with. I mean, they feel like song-songs with– I don’t want to say a typical verse-chorus structure, but they’re song-songs.”

Well, I wasn’t quite expecting this news. Color me excited. And Color Me Badd, too. Color Me Badd.

WHY? – “The Hollows” [MP3] (from Alopecia)

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