Spotlight Saturday: Beat Radio


Ok, so I make it seem like Spotlight Saturday is actually a feature here on Knox Road. It’s not. This is the first time I’m doing it (not meaning a spotlight of course – we’ve had several of those, just not by way of “Spotlight Saturday”), but honestly, I like alliterations and I really wanted to post about this artist. So, yeah, it’s a Saturday and you’re getting a peak into an artist I’ve become enamored with lately.

Beat Radio is the project of New York singer/songwriter Brian Sendrowitz. Thanks to an interview from Danielle over at Music is Art (a daily read – and recommended for all of you), I was introduced to Sendrowitz’s wonderfully sublime music, with beautifully layered landscapes, which, despite an underlying melancholy, can somehow lift your spirits. This Spring I’ve found myself listening to Beat Radio over and over again on the subway in the morning, with the type of sound that allows me to wake up with a sort of brightened mood without punishing my senses. The folk/pop (folky voice, poppy/electronic background) sound is wonderfully catchy and you can tell Sendrowitz pours his heart out into the lyrics from his mere ability to vary the levels of his vocal timbre during phases of more affective words. Watch for the new Beat Radio LP2 Safe Inside The Sound this summer. You can purchase the The Great Big Sea on CD Baby.

Beat Radio – “Teenage Anthem For The Drunken Boat” [MP3]

Beat Radio – “Mexico” [MP3]

Beat Radio – “Sunday Matinee” [MP3]

Find several more mp3s on the Beat Radio website.

Beat Radio on MySpace

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