Save September (Crissi Cochrane)


Save September is the solo singer/songwriter project from Crissi Cochrane, a Halifax, Nova Scotia native. If it seems we’ve been featuring more and more Canadians on this blog, well, it’s because we have – their music is stellar (stars), and so much of it is unknown (the two minute miracles.) Cochrane is no exception.

With a precious voice and the look of an innocent high school freshman, Cochrane makes quite an impression on even the most casual of listeners. Simply from her voice and guitar Cochrane creates a sound that relaxes the body and makes the mind feel at ease – even in difficult times. She told me that people are constantly pressuring her to get a backing band together, but she’s decided to avoid the conventional line up, and has been working with strings instead (see a video here). And how happy I am to hear this – she’s willing to make it off her own talent instead of succumbing to the pressures of becoming just another indie band with “that cute female lead” (my words by the way.)

Cochrane is currently working on pre-production for a new release, with the hope that she’ll be on the road in support of it this fall. This release should feature some of those aforementioned strings, and well, you don’t need me to get all gooey about strings for like the thousandth time. She also has a show coming up with her all-time favorite hero Mike Kinsella (of American Football and Owen fame), which she is “pretty excited/terrified about!” I myself couldn’t be more excited for her, and I look forward to hearing the upcoming release. More details for you when they are available!

For background’s sake, her last album (which dropped in 2006) was the five song, the Bathroom EP (which was recorded over the course of ten hours in a bathroom on a laptop.) She has shared the stage with well-known musicians such as Joel Plaskett, Amelia Curran, Caroline Keating, JP Cormier, Rob Szabo, Old Man Luedecke, and The Most Serene Republic (one of my personal favorites). Here’s hoping she becomes one of those well-known musicians herself, as I expect she will based off of what I’ve heard.

Indulge in the sweetness.

Save September – “Mexico” [MP3]

Save September – “Coming Home” [MP3]

Save September – “So Far Apart” [MP3]

Save September on MySpace

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  • Very nice – sounds like summer on the east coast. Us Canadians really got our stuff together… 😉


    Lee Reply:

    Yes you do!

    Check out the video, Sandy. It’s something special.

    (PS how did I know you’d like this acoustic gal? 😉 )