My Gold Mask

my gold mask

Chicago’s My Gold Mask scares me. It’s nothing personal! But listening to songs from their self-titled album, I get the feeling I’ll be walking down a dark forest road and they’ll be behind me, singing to me and tracking me down to steal me soul. And oh, it’s wonderful.

The duo has a sound that’s so dark and brooding, yet not so abrasive. It’s clear they listened to a lot of Pixies and White Stripes in their day. The classic alternative/garage rock sound resonates through their songs with a bit of an updated sound that is more like a lower key Kills if anything. What really helps My Gold Mask stand out, though, are the deep enchanting vocals. Light and haunting, they take My Gold Mask to another world.

Their album should be marked “listen to in a dark forest, headphones on, and wander.”

My Gold Mask – “Monomania” [MP3]

My Gold Mask – “Bitches” [MP3]

My Gold Mask – “Your Coo Ka Choo” [MP3]

My Gold Mask on Myspace

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