Golden Bear is so much better than “power-pop”

Golden Bear

Austin’s Golden Bear immediately has a “pop” label thrown on them. The e-mail I received from their promotion people used words like “power-pop,” “anthemic pop,” “infectious” and “fist-pumping.” I guess they really know how to appeal to listeners??

These words really sell the band short. Golden Bear’s sound is much deeper than pop. Their song writing is intricate and structured, with layers of sound both beautiful and grizzly (pun only sort of intended). It’s so evident on “All The Stars” from the band’s 2008 release Everest EP, a five track look into a band that has solidified as a group, but hasn’t explored enough.

My guess is, Golden Bear can go so much further than they have. To call them “power-pop,” at least on Everest EP, is insulting. Single-minded, beautiful and rough, Golden Bear is your dad if he was an artsy Grizzly Adams who made music. Make sense? Right. Better than “power-pop.”

Everest EP is out now on C-Side.

Golden Bear – “All The Stars” [MP3]

Golden Bear – “Everest” [MP3]

Golden Bear on Myspace

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