Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria


Some relaxing, yet fulfilling music to start your day off, that’s for sure. Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria (out of NYC) has a new album, Silent Show, out April 29 – which from what we’ve heard so far, displays a crisp instrumentative flair with piano as the backbone to the sound, filling out the background with a delicate, classical aura. Kanelos’ voice lends itself to both the weary and the enthused, letting us in on a story as his songs drift in and out of a musical consciousness. The crescendos at the end of these tracks come so effortlessly out of the rest of the song – instead of a forced, loud manner, of which so many artists are guilty.

For those in the NY area, Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria will be playing a CD release show at Le Poisson Rouge on April 29. I highly recommend you check out this budding talent before they explode. Which they will. I know. Also, their influences range from Neil Young to T.S. Eliot to Seinfeld to Sex & The City.

Here’s a couple MP3s off the upcoming CD for your enjoyment. For those who know and appreciate my musical taste…well, let’s just say you have no excuse not to download these tracks. And even if you don’t like my taste (pop. zero) you should check ’em out.

Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria – “When You Walk It Makes No Sound” [MP3]

Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria – “Peacock Dance” [MP3]

Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria on MySpace

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