Notable Album Release: Rafter – 10 Songs. Yep, you read correctly.


No typos here. This is the first time Rafter’s 2006 beauty of a debut album, 10 Songs, is being sold in retail (March 24, to be exact). Rafter actually first concocted the album in 1998, but on September 12th, 2006 it was made available through digital download services and web store only. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to “Bicycle,” one of the tracks off this release, and wondered how this band hasn’t become hugely-popular in the dreamy/jittery pop world in which indiedom has spurred many artists to greatness. To give you a better idea for the sound, “Bicycle” could easily be by Pinback and we’d hardly blink an eye (is there an expression for the ear?).

Out of San Diego, Rafter is signed to the well-known Asthmatic Kitty records, and is comprised of, as their MySpace states: “rafter, andy, & acousmatic(adjective): referring to a sound that one hears without seeing the causes behind it.” Enough intrigue to listen, I’d say. Here’s a couple songs from the now new/old 10 Songs. BTW, for those of you at SXSW, Rafter is playing Friday, 2:30 p.m. at Ms. Beas.

Rafter – “Bicycle” [MP3]

Rafter – “My Friend the Crow” [MP3]

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