All of Us/None of Us

all of us/none of us

California duo All of Us/None of Us is such a throwback to the 90s, I can’t help but love them. Don’t misinterpret that, they are their own original sound that is totally relevant today. But listening to them, I get this great Folk Implosion meets Radiohead vibe that seems like it should have been made forever ago.

They released a new EP, Arcane and Abel, this past December and despite it’s mere four tracks, it’s a pretty strong release. I’ve never heard music so much the blues in so many ways. Melancholic and frustrated, fed up and confident, All of Us/None of Us has created a different kind of music that tears at you and drags you in.

You can grab the EP on iTunes and get their full-length, Lucky Robot, while you’re there. Check out a couple tracks below.

All of Us/None of Us – “Hurts My Head” [MP3]

All of Us/None of Us – “Excess” [MP3]

All of Us/None of Us on Myspace

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