In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


Oh no, don’t cry! It’s okay if you missed what happened this week at Knox Road! I promise! I mean, honestly, even Jamie was on vacation! Here, delicately wrapped, is the week in review. Aw, love the smile.


Jamie’s a photography geek and wishes he could have made Friendly Fires’ “Skeleton Boy” video

Syme didn’t believe in modern love, and now they don’t believe in anything modern (on a break)

Bob breaks down the music that provides him comfort in the winter

Tuesday Obamaday

Lee’s appropriate mix for the years to come

Did we mention Obama plays basketball too?


Exit Clov releases a song recorded back in ’07 and provides news about what’s to come

Lost is back! The Fray is still The Fray, albeit with a nice promo video


New SUFJAN mp3 in support of the worthy cause of Dark Was The Night, a benefit compilation album for AIDS


Lee is obsessed with blood. The song from The Middle East, that is

Cadence Weapon uses the In Rainbows phenomenon: Name your price for new mixtape, Separation Anxiety


Julian Velard covers hot pop songs, scrunches his face, and produces beautifully resonant songs of his own

Bob’s gem of insight regarding how we deal with the current state of music

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