Under The Sherry Moon

Under the sherry moonUnder The Sherry Moon is the project of a bunch of Danish musicians that has a TON of potential. They’re working on their debut album now, but some of the first tracks are awesome!

Their wandering lo-fi electronic sound is something totally different and original. The songs are complex, well-written pieces that singer Signe Marie Schmidt-Jacobsen haunts with a deep honesty that shows so much confidence and vulnerability. 

Musically the band is almost tribal. Crashing drums and jangling piano come out of nowhere, seemingly out of emotion rather than from memory. This makes me want put UTSM in the category of experimental if it wasn’t for the well-organized and crafted songs. They are definitely on my watch list for 2009.

The band’s debut album should be out in the near future, so check out their MySpace for songs and updates and junk. 

Under The Sherry Moon – “Bling Bling” (MP3)

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