The Boxing Lesson!

I love Austin, Texas.  Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I have been planning on moving to Austin for the last three years. One of the main reasons that I want to be in this great city is the music that comes out of it. Recently, I was introduced to a band from Austin known as The Boxing Lesson. They have a brand new album out called “Wild Streaks & Windy Days.” I want you to listen to it.

On their mypace account, The Boxing Lesson describe themselves as “Austin Space Rock”. Now I am about to do something really lame and say “they sure are out there!” Do you get it? Do you get it? I never claimed to be funny. Anyway, after having a quick listen on their myspace, I decided to check out the entire album. I will say that I understand the reason for the space-rock title.

What The Boxing Lesson does really well on WS&WD is play with atmosphere. They can create an amazing wall of sound that flows quite nicely. While listening to this album, I found myself getting lost in the music in a very good way.

I also like the fact that several musical styles and different tempos are experimented with during WS&WD. You can definitely hear some major influences from King Crimson and Pink Floyd, but at times they throw me for a loop with incorporating things I wasn’t nearly expecting to hear (listen to “Hopscotch and Sodapop”).

Perhaps the biggest problem that The Boxing Lesson have is being categorized as a “prog-rock” band. Don’t get me started on the “prog” label, but what I feel most “prog-rock” bands suffer from is losing the attention of the casual listener quickly. This is in no way a dig on their talent (because it is quite apparent on this album that The Boxing Lesson have plenty of talent). What I am saying is that if you are not into the “prog-rock” genre, you are not going to be blown away by The Boxing Lesson’s newest album.

Since we are being honest however, I am a fan of music that sounds good to me. Therefore, I think that the Boxing Lesson’s album “Wild Streaks & Windy Days” is a solid album that deserves a listen.

How about some mp3s?

The Boxing Lesson – Hopscotch and Sodapop

The Boxing Lesson – Dark Side Of The Moog

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