In Case You Missed It: Week In Review


Ok, so we missed it. Posting the Week in Review on time that is. But I was SO busy watching Cheetah Lady and driving up I-95 that it just didn’t happen. Here you go, a day belated. And I’ll throw in a couple of extra days as a bonus (read: Jamie just wants to show you all how much he loves Christmas – Lee).


12 Days of Xmas: “I’ll Stay ‘Til After Christmas”


12 Days of Xmas: Sonics, Wailers and Galaxies come outta 1966

Video Flashback: Dog Police weirds us out…

New Bloc Party video is disturbing. And cool!

Some comforting songs for winter


MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden wrote song about volcanoes in college

Lots of concerts in the D.C./Baltimore area!

12 Days of Xmas: Flaming Lips on Mars


Hot Chip covers Vampire Weekend with Peter Gabriel too

New song from Coconut Records

12 Days of Xmas: Bright Eyes’ “A Christmas Album”

Bob apologizes


12 Days of Xmas: Weird 2008 Christmas collaborations

Erin McCarley is wistful and sophisticated

Bionic Pixie shows off New Zealand’s electronica talent


12 Days of Xmas: “A Very Special Christmas” (1987)

ZOMG Cheetah Lady is so weird

An intimate look at Bloc Party’s Intimacy

Conor Oberst live at Amoeba Records


12 Days of Xmas: Belle and Sebastian live at Peel’s Christmas Party


12 Days of Xmas: The Nutcracker (yes the ballet)

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