Anathallo – Canopy Glow


Anathallo is one of those cacophonous ensemble bands that no one can get enough of these days. Using several different sounds from a variety of changing members, Anathallo hails from Michigan but currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Ever since I heard the awe inspiring Sufjan Stevens I had been looking for any artist comparable to both his vocal quality and string work. And with Anathallo’s last album, Floating World, I found just that. They come out with a new album, Canopy Glow, this Wednesday and I couldn’t think of a better holiday gift. “The River” is by far the highlight of the album with piano, bells, harmonies, and boy-girl vocals that will make your head spin and your body tingle.

Anathallo seems to have altered their sound a bit on this album, refining the songs to less blips and bleeps and more to vibrant, full-sounding orchestral pop. I’m ok with Anathallo changing their sound a bit – while I love every song on Floating World they are all very similar and Canopy Glow undoes this trend. Bottom line: I highly recommend both albums. Here are some mp3’s for your listening pleasure:

The River (MP3)

Noni’s Field (MP3)

As a bonus, my personal favorite from Floating World: (MP3)

Hanasakajijii (four: a great wind, more ash)

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  • Kristin

    I know it wasn’t meant to offend, but…

    The “creepy dude” is an artistic rendition of the artist’s severely handicapped daughter. The original painting is called “Temma on Earth” (Temma is her name). You can read a review of the original artwork here for more info:

    Tim Lowly is the artist.

  • Lee

    Kristin, thank you for the valuable information. We deeply regret the error. Anathallo is a wonderful band and we do not mean to do their humanity any harm.