Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 4.11.10

Jamie was back after a two week absence and we were finally able to discuss MGMT’s “Flash Delirium” in a positive light. Look for his album review on Congratulations this week, you may be pleasantly surprised. Other notables from this show included a song (well, artist – Camera Obscura) request from Matt from […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 10.18

Despite Jon’s odd proclamation of being jaded with music we still gushed over our playlist this week, mostly because of upcoming releases and such. You can listen to the entire show below! There’s banter, music, and more banter. Oh yeah, and Where The Wild Things Are.

Knox Road Radio 10.18.09 [MP3] (available until […]

Knox Road Radio playlist for 10.11

Lee was playing soccer (how athletic!) so Jon and I flew this one solo AGAIN. But OH was there so much to talk about. Pitchfork’s top 200 list in retrospect, trying to name all the countries in the world and I guess a little about the music of the last week. We do […]

Knox Road Radio presents Boston’s Hands and Knees

Exciting news on the radio front! Apologies if you’ve already heard this from our Twitter or Facebook group already, but for those who haven’t, Boston’s Hands and Knees will be performing live on Knox Road Radio tomorrow! As usual, the show is from Noon to two (Eastern Time), and we expect Hands and […]