Phox: “1936”

I heard a song from Phox way back when, and then for some terrible reason I forgot about them. Probably reasons that befall all music bloggers. There are just too many bands to remember. Luckily, their label – Partisan Records – got in touch with a new song of theirs, “1936,” and it’s simply […]

Alice and the Glass Lake’s ‘The Evolution’ EP

Alice Lake has returned to my life in convincing fashion with her debut EP, The Evolution. Mixing sounds that you may not typically hear together — tender singer/songwriter vocals with some heavy electronic/experimental backing — Alice and the Glass Lake provide a delightfully meandering album. It’s clear, however, that the songs are carefully crafted […]

[MP3] Alice and the Glass Lake: “Luminous”

Crawling. Standing. Walking. Running. Toes against the pavement, wind rushing you forward. Deep breathing. Feeling your insides. Heart furiously beating, ready to escape your chest, no desire to clutch it back in.

Lift yourself with purpose. Race to me.

Alice & the Glass Lake on the web | Facebook

*Sorry for the […]

[MP3] S. Carey: “In The Stream”

S. Carey, he of Bon Iver drummer fame and previously salivated-over tune, “In The Dirt”, released a new MP3 today, titled “In The Stream” from his forthcoming full-length, All We Grow. Piano and hushed vocals have become Carey’s strong suit (drums? psshhh), and he employs them to near perfection on “In The Stream”. […]

The Gentle Guest

It’s been a while since I’ve given you guys some rocking alt-folk/americana, hasn’t it? Well let’s change that with The Gentle Guest, five (sometimes as many as ten) talented fellas out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Frontman Eric Rykal brings his raspy vocals to a burst of horns and stampeding percussion (among other conspicuous […]


Cedarwell is a Wisconsin folk band sent my way by Sebastian over at the lovely Common Folk Meadow blog after I commented on his glowing review of their latest, forthcoming March album, A Stone, A Leaf, A Door. The ever-evolving Cedarwell crew, fronted by Erik G. Neave, sent me a promo copy of […]