Hey Rosetta! is touring. You should go.

Becoming one of my most listened to bands after watching this video a few months back, Hey Rosetta!, the Canadian troupe led by Tim Baker on vocals, is touring all over the Northeast with Sarah Harmer. So get yourselves out to see them! (Tour dates after the jump.)

It’s orchestral, sprawling indie pop/folk at it’s finest, very much in the Knox Road vein (well, MY vein… if you ever listened to our old radio show, you’d know Jamie and I have differing interests on the matter. All in good fun, though! We do share each other’s tastes quite often.).

Speaking of radio shows, I’m gonna give us a quick plug (I know, so shameless): we were recently featured on Hype Machine Radio – check it out here and learn about the origins of KR and our views on the blog in general. Big thanks to Hype Machine’s Dev for giving us the great opportunity to be part of the show.

Catch a recently released mp3, from this video recorded live at SXSW, along with an older gem below.

Hey Rosetta! – “New Goodbye” [MP3]

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[MP3] Starfucker: “Julius”

Big news for Portland band Starfucker! Not only are they announcing a big tour with cute Austin-based group The Octopus Project, but they also signed to Polyvinyl! Wonderful! The band will release Julius, their first single with the label on September 14 (digital) and October 12 (vinyl). Fortunately, we already have an MP3 […]

[MP3] Mystery Jets: “Dreaming Of Another World”

Mystery Jets officially released the latest promo track, “Dreaming Of Another World”, off their forthcoming album, Serotonin. Mystery Jets, if you’re unaware, is a UK band that has been playing for a long time – when they first began the singer’s dad was one of the members! Now the band consists of four […]

Matt and Kim announce North American tour dates

This duo is not one to be missed. Matt and Kim are innovative, artsty (as we saw last year with their strip-naked-in-NYC video), and just loads of fun on stage. Their blend of electro hooks and art pop has found them a dedicated and growing following.

Matt & Kim – “Daylight” [MP3] (from Grand)


Sleigh Bells announce North American tour

Well-hyped noise-pop/dance duo Sleigh Bells have received a lot of praise for their debut album, Treats, and now they’re taking their act on the road as a headliners. If their live show is anything like their album (full of awesome, danceable, raw energy), then the live shows will be incredible. Because […]

Coltrane Motion releases new album Hello Ambition!

Coltrane Motion, an indie-rock duo from Chicago, recently released their newest album, Hello Ambition!, which combines electro synth with hazy guitar. Michael Bond, the vocalist, has become a friend of ours through music blogging forums and the like, and recently let us know about Hello Ambition!. I knew he used to write a […]

Annuals and The Most Serene Republic announce tour dates together

Hey! Two of our favorite Canadian bands are teaming up to co-headline a summer tour, starting May 5 in Michigan. Hopefully the stages are big everywhere they go…both bands have several members. There should be lots of pop, lots of art (remember our interview with Adrian Jewett of TMSR and their video for […]

Mates of State announces "Summer Crushes" tour dates

Mates of State, the charming husband and wife duo from Kansas, are teaming up with up-and-coming bands Free Energy and Suckers along with comedians Todd Barry and Nick Thune for their “Summer Crushes 2010 Tour” in support of their forthcoming covers album, Crushes. And guess what? They have dates all over the country, […]

José González's band Junip announces tour dates, offers free MP3

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Junip‘s last album, an EP titled Black Refuge, came out in 2006, and since then there has been a single and little to nothing else. Label me a fan of anything José González participates in – the Swede (of Argentinian descent), one of my favorite singer/songwriters, […]

MGMT announces small list of U.S. Tour dates

MGMT, arguably one of the bigger “indie” bands out there, can probably sell a lot of tickets to a lot of places throughout the country. So when I see this list, I can only assume that there is going to be a second announcement that includes twice as many […]