Stars’ The Five Ghosts is full of consistent, illusory pop, but will it be remembered?

I am, and always have been, a huge fan of Stars. Or rather, to say it better, their potential. When they strike gold, they are utterly amazing (See: “Elevator Love Letter”, “Your Ex-Lover is Dead”, “Look Up”, “Ageless Beauty”), but oftentimes they limit themselves to songs that mosey along without much affect, relying simply […]

[MP3] Stars: "Wasted Daylight" + "We Don't Want Your Body"

Stars just released TWO new songs (in addition to “Fixed”) from their forthcoming The Five Ghosts, which we’ve been hyping like whoa here on KR. Electro synth has been rockin’ the songs we’ve heard so far from the album, and I’m a-okay with that. It’s exciting; it’s fun; it’s different. Torquil finally gets his turn […]

Stars release music video for “Fixed”

Stars just released the music video for “Fixed”, the first single off their forthcoming album The Five Ghosts, which we previously posted about here.

Watch this “still photos vs. warped-band-that-looks-like-it’s-playing-on-speed” video below (it’s actually quite cool), and get yourselves reacquainted with the Canadians.

Stars – “Fixed” [MP3]

[MP3] Stars: "Fixed"

Hot on the heels of my post about Stars’ new tour dates and mention of upcoming single, “Fixed”, comes…”Fixed”. This is the first track available off Stars’ forthcoming fifth LP, The Five Ghosts, and thank god it’s Amy Millan taking the reigns. Because she’s pretty much one of the best female vocalists out […]

Stars announce US tour dates

With the recent news that Stars are set to release their fifth studio album, The Five Ghosts, on June 22, comes a slew of US tour dates, along with this little nugget of coolness:

Playing the new record in its entirety from start to finish, Stars are also letting fans select additional set list […]