New Mansions on the Moon album

Since I usually don’t post on the weekends, it would be wise to give you more music on Fridays. Lucky for us, Mansions on the Moon just released their new s/t album, and it’s thoroughly impressive. They use their softer acoustic skills more this time around (which we knew they already had from […]

[MP3] Mansions on the Moon: “Fade Into You” (Mazzy Star cover)

Spanning from intense electro pop to folk ballads to acoustic covers of such luminaries as Mazzy Star, Mansions on the Moon does it all.

Mansions on the Moon on Knox […]

[MP3] Mansions on the Moon: “Rest Of Your Days”

There’s only so many positive things you can say about one man and one band. Ted Wendler and Mansions on the Moon strike again. Count this as another MotM song I’ll be listening to on repeat. So smooth.

Mansions on the Moon – “Rest Of Your Days” [MP3]

Mansions on the Moon on […]

[MP3] Mansions on the Moon: “For Awhile”

Knox Road friend Ted Wendler is back with this smooth new track from his band Mansions on the Moon. These guys haven’t failed me yet.

Mansions on the Moon – “For Awhile” [MP3]

More Mansions on the Moon/Ted Wendler on Knox Road | […]

[MP3] Mansions on the Moon: “This Is How We Walk on the Moon” (Arthur Russell cover)

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day Ted Wendler (of Mansions on the Moon*) returned to my life, and it has finally happened. His newest recording, a cover of Arthur Russell‘s “This Is How We Walk on the Moon”, finds Wendler in tip-top form, with his unmistakable, breathtaking vocals. The acoustic guitar builds a […]

Knox Road’s SFM mix for QRO Magazine

The online music publication QRO Magazine recently asked me to curate a mix of indie pop songs in the “Knox Road” mold for their “Thank You For Being A Friend Giveaway”. Essentially, we teamed up with three other super blogs – Cream Team, No Modest Bear, and Anti-Gravity Bunny – to make four […]

Ted Wendler

Ted Wendler may indeed be the next great folk-pop singer/songwriter. Really, I’m floored listening to him; he’s emotionally devastating. And to think I’ve only heard unmastered versions of the tracks… Let the man-crush begin.

Wendler is going places: Starting his professional career in Minnesota, he recently moved to Virginia Beach to finish an […]