[MP3] Imperial Mammoth: “Little Earthquakes”

I gotta admit something. I couldn’t post anything the last few days not because I was busy, but because I could not find a single new artist or piece of music I wanted to post about. So thank god Imperial Mammoth came my way with some new songs off their upcoming album Gold […]

[MP3] Wildlife Control: “Ages Places”

Wildlife Control, fast becoming one of my favorite new bands, is back with “Ages Places.” Love the build-up in this one.

See my previous post about them and don’t be afraid to hop on their bandwagon as it steamrolls its way through indiedom.

Wildlife Control on the web | […]

Wildlife Control: “Different”

They painted the halls a light green, so that when the patients are feeling ill they don’t see abrasive colors. There’s something soothing about that green found on marine ships for the same reason. But I want my grandma’s room painted in bright oranges and reds. I want warmth; I want her to feel […]

[MP3] Soft Pipes: “Stay Pretty”

Soft Pipes is the musical project of Anthony Polcino, a synth-pop master, from Low Vs. Diamond.

Soft Pipes – “Stay Pretty” [MP3]

Soft Pipes are set to release their new EP, Stay Pretty, on September 27.

Soft Pipes on the web | Facebook | […]

[Video + MP3] Black Light Dinner Party: “Older Together”


Music videos I love have been popping up with more frequency this past week or so, including Germany Germany’s “Take Me Home,” and now Black Light Dinner Party’s “Older Together.” I’m only familiar with Black Light Dinner Party because it’s a project of a good Knox Road friend, whose […]

[MP3s] Casa del Mirto: “The Haste” + “The Right Way”

Casa del Mirto, aka some dude named Marco, has a new album, 1979, coming out digitally January 15 and later in the month on vinyl and cassette/tape (heyo, Stars on C-30!).  He blends textured, light synth with his older “House” style material to instill a delightful calm in his new music.  I quite like how he describes his new […]