Tor Miller: “Midnight”

It’ll be Friday night soon. What will you be doing at midnight? I hope you the feel the same way as Tor Miller.

(PS: Miller is only 20 years old.)


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[MP3] Sophia Mitiku: “The Hollow”

We speak about worldy musicians quite often, but I’d be hard-pressed to find someone more deserving of that label than Sophia Mitiku. Mitiku, half Korean, half Ethiopian, was born in California but raised and grew up between Germany and Finland. Say what? Yeah. She knows a thing or two about diverse cultures.

Mitiku, […]

Hayden Calnin: “Coward”

His music still strikes me at the core. Check out Calnin’s new song below. I’ve got nothing to add to my first post, which nicely sums up my feelings. Expect more TV placement soon.

Shout out to my fellow Hayden Calnin loving friend Missy from LBYB.

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Chris Flew

Dark is coming sooner now. Time to layer up. For some of us, hibernation becomes natural, and not just physical. It’s a state of mind. We’d like nothing more than to curl up in bed, clench our toes under our comforters, and stay away from it all. Tomorrow is a new day.



Mellen is Mary Ellen Funke (perhaps an all grown up Maeby?!) out of DC. She just released her debut EP, Last The Year, for free on Bandcamp. It sticks with this week’s downtempo, let-it-all-unwind theme. We need some of these weeks when life picks up and we try to steady our feet.


Sam Billen: “The Soiled Sky”

Sam Billen is here to calm our nerves for the week ahead with his new song “The Soiled Sky.” Soak in the remaining days of peaceful summer time.

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The Falls

An Australian band starting to make noise in the US. A relationship filled with heartbreak. Yet the guy-girl duo stuck together to make music. Foreigny folksy love-talesy guy-girl teams making inroads in the US? They’ll be swimming in American fame by tomorrow.

Ok, I may be slighting their music a bit by saying […]

Wilsen: “Dusk”

I’ve been sitting on a new one from Wilsen, which really makes no sense, as I loved their sprawling seven-minute first single, “Anahita.” I suppose I’ve been waiting for the right mood. Better to post this later in the day than earlier (NY time), so here goes. Tamsin Wilson’s voice continues to devastate.


Owls of the Swamp: “The Hypnotist”

Sometimes I like to think I’m a thousand miles away, at a cabin on the lake, with my cousins and nieces and nephews. They brim with enthusiasm when the day is hot and they’re playing tag and the sun is shining its driest heat. And at eve it’s cool — not just a […]

Alice Boman: “Waiting”

Grip my arms, look me in the eye, hold your pose. Feel my breath, don’t flinch when the heat hits your lips. I want to stand like this until we can’t stand any longer. I want us as one.

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