Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 4.11.10

Jamie was back after a two week absence and we were finally able to discuss MGMT’s “Flash Delirium” in a positive light. Look for his album review on Congratulations this week, you may be pleasantly surprised. Other notables from this show included a song (well, artist – Camera Obscura) request from Matt from […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 4.4.10

Jon and I had a great time this week. Unfortunately, Jamie wasn’t around to discuss the new MGMT video for “Flash Delirium” as he would have lent his “modern art” perspective to the video, which probably would have been thought provoking (giving you the benefit of the doubt, Jamie!) and enjoyable. But we […]

Milly Beau to hold record release show March 16 at The Mercury Lounge

The time of physical release for Milly Beau’s debut album, Party Glitter (a previous “new obsession” of mine), has finally arrived. Several physical copies will be available at The Mercury Lounge in NYC, where Milly Beau are holding their album release show, or you can purchase Party Glitter through Greenhouse Records. The album comes […]

Knox Road Radio show + playlist for 2.28.10

Finally, the three of us (Jamie, Jon and I) were reunited. Last week Jon admirably took over the show with KR friends Zach and Steven, but this week we were up to our old, mischievous ways, arguing over prog-rock vs. bedroom projects, which included Jamie making the bold (read: ridiculous – to Jon […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 1.31.10

So if you didn’t listen to Knox Road Radio this week, shame on you. Just kidding! It was our first week back in the station in about seven weeks, so we’ll forgive you this time. But next week we won’t go so easy on you. Seriously.

Anyway, today we talked about Knox Road’s […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 11.15.09

Today Lee and I learned a lot about ourselves during the radio show, like how Lee’s related to the late singer of Morphine, and how I’m just awesome in general. Even though we all knew that already. But anyway, this week will mark the one year birthday of Knox Road, so we made […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 11.1.09

We got all spooky and Halloweeny on everyone, mixing in a bit of a creepfest (read: a Liars song) with the usual, expected tunes from Knox Road Radio. Lots of inside jokes (I wasn’t privy to them either don’t worry,) lots of Sporcle, and lots of affection from Jon for Los Campesinos!. Check […]

Go See: Liam Finn & Eliza Jane with Miracle Fortress

D.C., we got a grand one coming our way, and it is NOT sold out yet, so get your inner motors going and purchase a ticket to see Liam Finn & Eliza Jane perform November 3 at the Rock N Roll Hotel along with one of my favorites, Miracle Fortress (the project of […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 10.25

We had special guest Sadie on to discuss why she loves Metric (yay) and other similar female fronted groups but not Florence + The Machine (wtf??). This was particularly intriguing for Jon and me, as we love just about everything Florence. Check out the full show (starts 20 seconds in) and playlist below.


Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 10.18

Despite Jon’s odd proclamation of being jaded with music we still gushed over our playlist this week, mostly because of upcoming releases and such. You can listen to the entire show below! There’s banter, music, and more banter. Oh yeah, and Where The Wild Things Are.

Knox Road Radio 10.18.09 [MP3] (available until […]