Leitbur releases new single “Heartsink” as cancer fundraiser

Sometimes everything gets a bit too real. Emotions shift, materialism becomes non-existent, and life is put into perspective. Jaron Widman, one half of the LA Leitbur duo, was producing a new album when he received his diagnosis. Bills piled up, but he stuck it out, and he’s here today, doing what he loves, […]

[MP3] Jom Comyn: “Waves, No Water” (ft. Jessica Jalbert)

First (real) post back. Jom Comyn is an Edmonton based singer/songwriter specializing in low-key, thoughtful tunes. Jessica Jalbert provides the intimate vocals on his sophomore album’s strongest track, “Waves, No Water,” featuring a shoegazing guitar line.

You can pick up In the Dark on 99 (All the Time, All the Time) via Value […]


It’s the end of January. My scarf is whipping in the wind. I’m not really sure where I’m heading, but I know I need to be outside. Well, I think I know that. Maybe.

January is a weird month. We go from the elation of the “New Year” to “Shit, How Am I Going […]

R. Thomasin

I don’t really get the whole R. Thomasin name thing, as Rachel is a perfectly lovely first name, but what do I know? I’m sure I’m missing something about what’s hip these days. R. Thomasin, just know that I would like you regardless of your name. Even if when I first glance at […]

[MP3] Gliss: “Hunting”

Happy Thanksgiving, America! Need some noise for after-the-food festivities to infuse your night-music soul? Gliss, a Danish/American three-piece, is happy to provide for you. Their recently released track, “Hunting,” is a multi-sensory experience; close your eyes as you listen and see the flashing neon lights.

Gliss – “Hunting” [MP3]

Gliss’ new album, Langsom […]


It’s Thanksgiving time! The past three (three!) years I’ve posted a remix to Adele’s Hometown Glory, but things change, ya know? Gotta keep you on your toes!

So get funky with the fam with Fotoshop (Jarno Faarinen), a Finnish artist who gives us plenty of American lovin’. Your ears will be dripping with […]


Weird grammar notwithstanding, the kids behind Pittsburgh experimental quartet, IKE., (including RIVKA‘s Reggie Wilkins) know what they’re doing. Oftentimes it’s difficult to tell when a band is actually having fun making music, but with IKE. it’s apparent from the very start; I can see them smiling through my speakers.

IKE.’s sound is sincere to […]

Black Polygons tease ears with three-song EP

Warm and crackling reverberations coupled with bassy thuds transport one to an almost guitarless, shoegazy planet on this self-titled EP. Inspired by the likes of Dntel and MBV, Parisian brainchild Cyril Rampal barely wets the listener’s whistle when his third and final track comes to an end. Standout tune “Reverse” clocks in at a […]


As a rule, never take your eye off Texas. There’s always something happening there and typically it’s worth your attention. If I remember correctly Sundress were covered in buzz after their SXSW performance earlier this year. After listening to “Derelict,” it seems the hype is well deserved.

[MP3] ohnomoon: “Sleeping Limbs”

As hard it as it can usually be to get back into a routine, I’m happy to be posting here again. I recently returned from my lengthy work trip and I certainly missed this blogging stuff.

Lots of things have changed since I was gone. The backend of WordPress (our publishing platform for […]