Notable Album Release: The Spring Standards – yellow//gold

The Spring Standards have always been a band deserving of more attention. With guy-girl folksy troupes gaining popularity (The Civil Wars, The Head and The Heart, etc.), The Spring Standards are worthy of some recognition. What’s nice is that The Spring Standards aren’t afraid of their poppier side, which we see on “Here […]

The Soonest

Standard fare pop with a slight edge for this here Tuesday, courtesy of San Fransisco five-piece The Soonest. The crew just finished recording their newest EP, Lions At Your Door, with the hope of a June release date. Catch a sneak peek below. Lead singer Young Lee sounds a lot like Guster, which […]

[MP3] Sharpless: “Greater Than”

Why is it so much harder these days to find legitimately bouncy pop rock that we don’t have to get all depressed / mellowed out by? I mean, don’t get me wrong, mellow is my THING, but it gets old. I’ve said it a few times here before, but we all need some […]

Pontiak’s Echo Ono is a road trip record with a heavy emphasis on trip

One of the first great rock records of 2012 has landed in the form of Pontiak’s latest, Echo Ono. The nine tracks that make up this record have only one purpose: to take you on a room-shaking, mind-altering, jaw-dropping trip to anywhere but here. Echo Ono is a magical mystery tour for heavy […]

Notable Album Release: Pontiak – Echo Ono

Clear your calendar, folks! February 21, 2012 brings the release of Pontiak’s new LP, Echo Ono, on Thrill Jockey. The first track from the album is called “Lions of Least” and demands to be heard. It steps away from the more psychedelic sounds of this summer’s Comecrudos and veers more toward the rock […]

Black Whales release new album, Shangri-La Indeed

Black Whales, out of Seattle, present a warm Americana rock sound on their newest album, Shangri-La Indeed. I’ve included two of my favorite songs below, which differ in rhythm but remain the same in appeal. Which is high. I’m not really making sense. But Black Whales are way more organized with their music […]

[MP3] Hero and Leander: “Una”

Hero and Leander are five guys and one special lady out of Liverpool, Essex, and Reading, fusing energetic pop with darker overtones for a scintillating sound. Three-part harmonies dominate the landscape on “Una,” the first single off their debut E.P. to be released this summer. It’s one lively listen.

Hero and Leander – […]

Hidden Pictures

Please believe me when I tell you I was not compelled to write about Hidden Pictures simply because of the male part of the duo’s striking resemblance to Elliott Smith. I mean, it certainly helped (and it’s pretty eerie), but their music struck me in a sweet spot as well. It’s simple, pop-infused […]

The Barettas

Wait, am I the first one to post about this band?? Just kidding, Jamie! Also, I’m sure others have posted about The Barettas since they rock.

The trio will make you wanna rip off your winter layers and dance all night. Their energy and youthfulness is contagiousness; they’ve certainly got a knack for […]

[MP3] Sweaters: “Can’t Stop Winnin’”

You have to expect good things from a band named Sweaters. Right? I mean, when are sweaters not of the feel-good variety? When I think sweater, I think warmth, nostalgia (the colder Holiday seasons do that, but by association, ya know?) and comfort.

Sweaters – the band – provides all that good stuff, […]