[MP3] Inspired and the Sleep: “Take Pills (Instructed Bliss)”

Max is bax. Check out his latest single, “Take Pills (Instructed Bliss)” the third off of the forthcoming album, Teenager. It was created, according to Greenhalgh, through “a series of live recorded percussion loops, a drum machine setting from my toy Casio keyboard, flute, uke, and bass.” The single is brought to us […]

The Soonest

Standard fare pop with a slight edge for this here Tuesday, courtesy of San Fransisco five-piece The Soonest. The crew just finished recording their newest EP, Lions At Your Door, with the hope of a June release date. Catch a sneak peek below. Lead singer Young Lee sounds a lot like Guster, which […]

[MP3] Sharpless: “Greater Than”

Why is it so much harder these days to find legitimately bouncy pop rock that we don’t have to get all depressed / mellowed out by? I mean, don’t get me wrong, mellow is my THING, but it gets old. I’ve said it a few times here before, but we all need some […]

[MP3] Digits: “So Cold”

He’s baaaack. Digits (aka Alt Altman) returns with his soothing electronic jazz pop (does that sufficiently describe the sound?) on his latest single, “So Cold.”

Digits – “So Cold” [MP3]

Digits on the web | […]

[MP3] Daughter: “Love”

Music makes your heart bleed.

Daughter – “Love” [MP3]

Daughter is 21 year old Elena Tonra from North London, UK. “Love” is the closing track off her The Wild Youth EP, which drops November 21 via Communion Records.

Daughter on Facebook | […]

Belle Adair

Belle Adair, out of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, deliver some finely crafted acoustic folk pop. With simple, luscious harmonies and tones reminiscent of Mojave 3, Belle Adair is ready to be your band for the colder Autumn evenings that are fast approaching.  Their new, self-titled EP, which will be released October 1 […]


Am I allowed to be late on bands in today’s cutthroatingly competitive society? Music is good until it’s not, and being out there for a little while does not make music not good. Dig? PROFOUND. (I’m really admitting an inferiority complex here.)

In my quest to make this the worst-written post ever on […]



I love this. Mausi is a sibling-led foursome based out of Newcastle who make undeniably fun and catchy indie pop. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking.

Stream and Download “sol.” below.

Mausi on the web | Facebook | […]

[MP3] Edda Magnason: “Blondie”

Magnason is way too cool for me. Sigh.

Enjoy this unique and lovely song with most every instrument you can’t think of.

Edda Magnason – “Blondie” [MP3]

Purchase Goods via Adrian Recordings

Edda Magnason on the web

[MP3] Milly Beau: “Taylor”

My Milly Beau friends are fast gaining momentum and ready for the big time. Since I last updated you, the group has had a major makeover. While shoring up the band members, they added a pianist with a smoothy smooth voice who could probably go solo himself. Count that as a plus. They also […]