Andrew McHenry

When I listen to Andrew McHenry’s latest — and, to my knowledge, first — EP, I can’t help but notice the similarities to Elliott Smith. It’s not just a hint of Smith I hear in these songs, it’s a very strong resemblance. McHenry plays delicately layered guitar melodies and adds crisp, sing-a-long vocals […]

Ruse of Fools make the best video of the last 10 years (not my words)

Up-and-coming band Ruse of Fools just released a video for their single “The Flood,” and whoa, some guy on their YouTube channel said it was the best video he’s seen in the past 10 years. When I saw that, I chuckled and said — and excuse my language — “that is highly unlikely.”

Well […]

New Akron/Family: “Everyone is Guilty”

Akron/Family, from Williamsport, PA (in the middle of like, nowhere, trust me), is releasing their new full-length, Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free, on May 5. The first single and the album opener, “Everyone is Guilty,” is full of that awesome “we’re compensating for living in the middle of a boring state” […]