I guess I’m kind of behind the curve on this one, as Pitchfork just reviewed their album (with a dandy score in the sevens!), but Brooklyn’s Landlady deserves even more love. With free-flowing energy that has been severely lacking in so much of everything these days and a somehow tender abrasiveness, Landlady packs a […]

Kan Wakan

LA trio Kan Wakan released their debut LP, Moving On, this week. Hearkening back to the days of genuinely melodic indie music, with full orchestral backings amidst simple keystrokes, Moving On should quickly propel Kan Wakan into territory that suits radio and blog fans alike. The songs below are sure to lift your spirits with […]

Fossil Collective: “The Water”

The temperature is changing, and we’re changing too. The rhythm of our pulses steadily increases as the days become shorter and life feels a tick quicker. The sharply crisp air has a reserved mood, rendering us reflective; introverted. What lies ahead? Are we ready?

Fossil Collective on the web | Facebook | Knox […]

Kim Janssen and his new EP, The Lonely Mountains

I am devastated. I am devastated that I had not yet heard Kim Janssen until yesterday when I posted about Snowstar Records’ 10 Year Anniversary Compilation. I am devastated by Janssen’s pacifying voice, and by his deft instrumentation. I am devastated by his latest EP, The Lonely Mountains, which grips me with cascading […]

[MP3] Ruarri Joseph: “Anyway”

An alluringly simple, orchestral folk track from Ruarri Joseph‘s fourth studio album, Brother, due out October 29 via Pip Productions in the UK. The warmth in Joseph’s voice is half the appeal of “Anyway;” he makes the words resonate.


M.H. & His Orchestra

Hey guys! Missed me? I’ve been away at camp all summer and have greatly missed discovering and sharing music with all the amazing readers of Knox Road. So upon my return, I have good news for you, and for me: I found a really special, cool album for us all to […]

The Murder Barn

I definitely needed a fiesty voice and intensely impassioned songs to wake me up during this drab and rainy week. Thanks to London’s six-piece The Murder Barn for giving me the spark I need to get to the weekend. Wait for the songs to pick up; they get pretty dark and awesome.

The […]

The Willow & The Builder

Connecticut’s The Willow & The Builder is technically Richard Miron and Adrian Simon, but they’re joined by a whole slew of musicians on their debut s/t record. The ever-changing dynamic of the debut is impressive, as Miron and Simon’s exuberant youthfulness is on full display. But there’s also a keen sense of sorrow, […]

[MP3] Southerly: “Do We Believe?”

Southerly, aka singer/songwriter Krist Krueger, is about ready to drop his third full-length, Youth, on September 20 via Greyday Records.

In anticipation of the release, Krueger, from Portland, Oregon, has released a new mp3, titled “Do We Believe?”. A strong piano line leads the way as Kreuger builds the song up with surging […]

New Winter Villains songs

Enchant me.

Winter Villains – “House of Knives” [MP3]

Winter Villains – “Thorns” [MP3]

Winter Villains – “The Air” [MP3]

More Winter Villains on Knox Road | Bandcamp