Fossil Collective: “Boy With Blackbird Kite”

The hot water didn’t work in my apartment this morning, and the shower was ice-cold. So, I didn’t shower and now I’m having an overall “whatever, man” day. I know I can rely on music to keep my head on straight during times like these, and I thank the heavens for blessing me […]

Marching Band releases new EP And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That

One of our favorite bands on Knox Road (and of the Swedish-variety, which is always a major plus), Marching Band, has returned with their latest EP, And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That. There are some groups whose material I will not hesitate to post when it comes our way, and Marching Band […]

Hiva Oa

The intangibles in life. The illogical. It’s okay not to have an answer; it’s okay to lose control. The challenge makes us stronger. Let us revel in our sadness and stories of love lost and rise above them. You and I, we’ll become better people.

(The below album automatically starts at track 7 […]

M.H. & His Orchestra

Hey guys! Missed me? I’ve been away at camp all summer and have greatly missed discovering and sharing music with all the amazing readers of Knox Road. So upon my return, I have good news for you, and for me: I found a really special, cool album for us all to […]

Eli et Papillon release debut full length

If you’ve been following Knox Road for a few years, the name Eli et Papillon may sound familiar because of one of the most bizarre episodes I’ve ever written about. I’m still totally confused about what exactly happened, as are Eli et Papillon. But you know what? It doesn’t matter to either of […]

Wintermitts’ Océans is in my head and heart

You tricky Wintermitts! Leaving us cold all winter to finally appease us near summer time. Better late than never, though. Wintermitts’ most recent album, Océans, technically dropped in late February, but they recently were able to send the songs our way for review.

The bilingual Vancouver sextet thrives on orchestral pop and intense melodies, […]


Quickbeam, out of Glasgow, is one of those bands that’s on the brink of stardom but not quite there yet because of their raw qualities. The trio’s debut single, “Seven Hundred Birds,” showcases precisely what is perfect but also missing. The elegant strings, the orchestral, slow-winding story. All beautiful stuff. But while Monica Gromek’s […]

The Ocean Floor

The Ocean Floor, out of Portland OR, is Lane Barrington and an ever-revolving set of unique musicians. Centered mostly around orchestral arrangements, The Ocean Floor’s music is heartfelt and diverse, and on their forthcoming fourth full length, Pop Quiz, they use a variety of different 20th century, historic elements to influence the lyrics and […]

Getting back to Balmorhea

You may remember Austin’s Balmorhea from a previous post several months ago. But with Smansmith graciously informing us of a remixed All Is Wild, All Is Silent, I thought now would be as good a time as ever to go into just how much I’ve grown to love the non-remixed All Is Wild, […]

Solander: Revisiting Fredrik and Sweden

Fredrik Karlsson, one of the members of a KR favorite band, Fredrik, has his own solo project that I’d imagine you’d all love to hear about, as I’ve only just discovered it recently. Solander is Karlsson backed up by various others, mostly from the the Swedish Malmö underground scene. With a similar style […]