Poor Remy

Raw and unbridled enthusiasm.

You know why I like Poor Remy so much? Because I know I could join in and they wouldn’t miss a beat. These are singalongs for any late summer (autumn??) night.

Still Sleeping EP by Poor Remy

I want to be their friend.

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[soundscape] invisible

Editor’s Note: New (regular) feature, new contributor. Welcome photographer/writer Bari Sowa to our humble abode. In “soundscape,” she will provide a photograph she’s taken along with a song that matches the imagery. Think of it as music supervision for photography. Enjoy.

photo: ‘the twist’

song: damien jurado – “ohio” [MP3] (buy)

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The Aeronautical Legends prep unique record project, offer rough new mp3

The Aeronautical Legends, a pop folk band out of Akron, Ohio, are making their fourth record with a doozy of an idea. They have a Kickstarter project that challenges critics and bloggers to get in on the creation of a record. Essentially, the critics would have some say in the creative process, providing a […]


A band that caught my ears recently has come with a name not so unfamiliar to us folks here in D.C.: Bethesda is a town just around the bend, so the group caught my attention pretty much immediately, despite having never heard a lick of their music (does anyone use that saying anymore?). […]