[MP3] The Things of Youth: “Eleventeen”

When I first started listening to “indie” music, so to speak, it was the likes of The American Analog Set and Pinback. Laid-back, understated pop with a certain twang that uniquely defined to whom the music belonged. I’ve been missing that lately, but luckily for me The Things of Youth have come along […]

Trails and Ways release Trilingual EP

Colors define reality. Dullness becomes hysteria. Do you see color when you listen to the sounds that resonate most in your head? Do you see hot reds and oranges when listening to rock, and grainy blues and greens when listening to folk? Waves of sound become intensely hued. The best sounds make me […]

Power Player

The baritone should remind you of someone. If it doesn’t, you may need to read this blog more often. But we’re okay with first-timers and newbies. Welcome!

Power Player is the project of Ryan Ross Smith, based out of Oakland, CA, who occasionally records with others. The music will not make you jump […]

[MP3] James & Evander: “Constellating”

James & Evander, an analog synth duo from Oakland, just released their Constellating EP, which marks the first time the two use vocals in their music. It’s no surprise, then, that this is the first time I’m featuring them or really even hearing about them; the vocals do the backing a world of […]